mardi 22 juin 2010

Electro swatch

Lady Gaga the Martian shock has finally launched the kind décalo-outrageous. This shows (well for now object because your your laptop battery and AC failure exists for those that want to see ...) is a kind of rubber-plasticou green. It is in quite a fashion zine. So why i speak then? (Not my brain mass has not been so broke that the team of France.)  that is found in the shop for a full fifty euros. Go a little transfer of my life 3615, I bought mine 40 euro in the Iberia plane brought me back to Madrid.

We love, and we suggest, is young, fresh and waterproof!


Ps: oh yes also, it's pretty flash but you understood.

dimanche 23 mai 2010


A store opened a holiday is Pinko! The Italian brand is installed in several places in the capital, where Rue Etienne Marcel. The front is not large but there is a small intimate basement full of beautiful things. The atmosphere is cool, radio nova in the jukebox has pointed out, the vendors are very nice (we swear they are not know) ...
When the clothes they are not data but beautiful and well cut, have 300 euros evening gown in the classical-style fashion. The must: the rods hanging from the ceiling and booths fitting glass (with a curtain, sorry guys) who give a little air space !

36 rue Etienne Marcel, Paris (Near Café Etienne Marcel)